A Healthy Relationship Starts with You!

Relationships need to be healthy. A bad relationship can take its toll on a person mentally, physically and emotionally. While it takes two to make a relationship work, the truth is, you have to be good yourself before you can make it work for the both of you.

Do you remember the old saying, “if momma’s not happy then no one is happy”? Well this is sort of true as well when it comes to a relationship except that it pertains to each person as an individual.

If one person is not happy as an individual then how can they be good in a relationship? They can’t! Taking care of yourself today will make you a happier person tomorrow.

Here are a few tips to being the healthiest and happiest you can be:

  • Choose healthy options when eating. This is not to say you can’t have that slice of cake you want or some of your favorite candy. However, some of your food choices could be the major cause for you feeling tired, bloated and packing on those extra pounds so choose wisely.
  • Get some form of physical exercise everyday. If you don’t have time to exercise do simple things like taking the stairs at work or walk to lunch if possible. Some exercise is better than no exercise at all.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Take time to read something inspirational. Place positive or inspirational quotes on your mirror in the mornings to start your day off right. Add some to your desk or your computer monitor to keep you uplifted all day long.
  • Take time for yourself. It could be a simple bubble bath or going for a run. The key is to take time for yourself each day to just refocus and unwind.

The key to a great relationship, no matter who it is with, is to be the best you can be for yourself first. When you feel your best; you can give your best.

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