Our personal journey to total wellness is the idea behind our website. The amount of health related information available online is staggering!  Where do you start?  How do you even know what you need to know?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place to go that sifted through it all and brought the best of the best of what we want to know to live a truly healthy life right to us?  What if we had a partner who was on that same journey to total wellness?  Would that be just what you’re looking for…to provide the knowledge and support that makes enjoying everything a healthy life has to offer all in one place?
We thought so and that’s why we created
www.currenthealtharticles.com.  Along with the most recent and relevant articles available on healthy living, we wanted to bring you people who are experts at what they do; authors and researchers that will share with you their expertise on developing a healthy body, healthy mindset, healthy finances and more.  We will recommend leaders in the field who we believe have the knowledge, products and services to support this journey towards an increased level of fitness, towards feeling better, towards building a better understanding of our financial health, and how we can achieve a mindset that propels us towards making healthy choices in all areas of our life.

Sharing our own weekly video diary, successes and challenges alike, is what we think makes this site unique.  It’s the best way we know to show you how we are “walking the walk”; the research we do, how and why we bring you each article and author, and how we’re putting it into our own practice.  Our hope is that you find a partner in this and that you’ll come back week after week to join us on this journey.  Your ideas, suggestions and feedback are a big part of what we’re creating, so don’t forget to contact us and tell us your story along the way; your successes, challenges, inspirations.  Let the journey begin!

To your success!
Maria, RN Co-Founder

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