Sleep is Essential to Your Kids Health

Sleep is important to everyone but as a child it is vital. Kids are growing everyday. Sleep for them is an essential part in getting them well prepared for the next day. If a child doesn’t get enough sleep then they next day they are irritable, lethargic and not prepared to learn much at school. Their little minds are like sponges ready to absorb everything around them but just like adults if they don’t have enough rest they aren’t any good.

Ensure that your child is well rested by keeping his or her internal clock is well balanced. Do this by establishing a routine for your child when it comes to sleep. You want to set a bed time for them and stick to it and yes, even on the weekends. Doing so gets their body on a consistent schedule.

We also know that kids minds can often go… Continue reading

Childhood Obesity is a Rising Problem

Today more than ever we are seeing more and more children that are overweight. In a time of fast food overload, more choices when it comes to sweets and beverages; we are seeing the scales raise. Today’s children are quickly forgoing the fruit and eating whatever quick option they have in the cabinet. From chips and crackers to sugar-laden cereals and breakfast bars, kids are eating their way to bad health.

Years ago you use to see heavier set kids who came from larger size families or perhaps had health issues. However today you see numerous children without health problems and from seemingly smaller or average sized family genetics yet they are overweight. The combination of treats available as well as the lack of exercise is sending our kids scales on the rise. Communities are taking notice and school systems are offering healthier lunches and more physical fitness activities.… Continue reading

Take Care of Your Knees During Cardio Workouts

Our knees are very important to our overall health. Many people don’t ever stop to think about all the support that our knees give our bodies. Not to mention the mobility they give us. It’s one of those parts of the body that we simply don’t think about unless there is a problem.

When doing a cardio workout or any workout in general, you want to make sure that you are taking care of your knees. One wrong move can over exert your knee and the muscles that surround them which can severely affect your life. Here is a quick little video that will give you some great pointers when it comes to knee health and your next cardio workout:



How+to+Have+Knee+Stability+During+Cardio — powered by LIVESTRONG.COM

Cardio – Good for Your Body

Walking, it’s one of those things we do every day yet never really think about it. However walking along with running has numerous health benefits. Often people attempt to walk with friends or go hiking and can’t keep up. They may even try running a literally tire out before the first quarter-mile. This comes from not being in as good a shape as you need to be.

That is where a good cardio workout comes in handy. Cardio workouts not only tone and help strengthen your body but they also help strengthen your lungs. Endurance when walking or running is important. Cardio workouts can slowly get you to where you can outlast your family and friends on the next hike.

The easiest and cheapest cardio workout is walking. It doesn’t cost a thing to get out and start walking. It gets our hear pumping and your blood circulating while… Continue reading

Reading is Beneficial for Your Mind

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. At least that is what the ads have said over the years but an active mind isn’t just something for the young at heart. No matter what your age, you can keep your memory sharper then ever. How? By reading. Yes, you read that correctly, by reading.

Reading sparks the cells in your brain that drive memory and creativity. Even if you only read a chapter a day you want to read “something”. As a child, we learned by reading. We memorized by reading and reciting. It’s not different as we get older. If your memory gets poor it can affect your ability to read and retain what you read. So starting early on in life with reading and constantly improving your mind is important.

Reading replies on your memory and your long-term memory. They go hand in hand. Your body… Continue reading

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