Cardio – Good for Your Body

Walking, it’s one of those things we do every day yet never really think about it. However walking along with running has numerous health benefits. Often people attempt to walk with friends or go hiking and can’t keep up. They may even try running a literally tire out before the first quarter-mile. This comes from not being in as good a shape as you need to be.

That is where a good cardio workout comes in handy. Cardio workouts not only tone and help strengthen your body but they also help strengthen your lungs. Endurance when walking or running is important. Cardio workouts can slowly get you to where you can outlast your family and friends on the next hike.

The easiest and cheapest cardio workout is walking. It doesn’t cost a thing to get out and start walking. It gets our hear pumping and your blood circulating while toning your legs, abs and gluts. Start with a 5 to 10 minute warm-up  and stretch then slowly build upon that. Set goals and each week walk a little further and for a little longer. Before you know it you’ll be walking miles with ease. Monitor yourself. Find your target heart rate to see how you are doing. The Mayo Clinic has a great target heart rate calculator here.

Treadmills, if you have one or access to one, are also a great way to get in a cardio workout at home. Depending on your treadmill you can increase your speed and elevation which will intensify your cardio workout as you progress. Regardless of what you do a great cardio workout has total body benefits. There’s never a better time then now to get started.



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