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The Pain of Chronic Leg Pain

Our lives can often seen hectic and on a constant pace where we always seem on the go. Many people often experience leg pain when they’ve been on their feet too long or started a new exercise program. For some though, leg pain can begin to become chronic and bothersome. So how do you know when it’s just normal aches and pains or when it is something more severe?

There are numerous conditions that can cause chronic leg pain. One of the most common is back injuries. Depending on the severity of the back injury a person can experience leg pain caused by pressure on the nerves going into the legs. This can be very bothersome. Usually Xray’s and MRI’s can determine if their is a problem in the back or spinal area causing leg pain.

Exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy body. While it may not… Continue reading

Maintaining a Healthy Weight During the Holidays

Everyone looks forward to the holidays. It’s a time of gathering with family and friends and appreciating the time that you have together. However, if we are truly honest then we know it’s also a time of some amazing food. From appetizers and dinners to desserts and tasty beverages. The holidays are a time to indulge in excess when it comes to food. It’s as if everyone waits for this time of year just to eat. For many this is the time of year when they get things that they normally wouldn’t like pumpkin pie and cheesecake.

It’s also a time of weight gain. After all, we eat and drink in abundance this time of the year. Don’t worry though, you can actually make it through the holidays without the dreaded weight gain. Keep these things in mind when getting ready to head to the dinner table or the… Continue reading

No Energy Blues

Are you dragging? Do you find yourself with not enough energy to get through the day? Then it may be time to give vitamin B12 a try. Vitamin B12 has long been known for it’s energizing properties. It has been used by athletes as  performance booster and for many people daily to get the boost they need.

Not having energy can ruin your day. You feel lethargic with no zest to get up and and go to do the things you need to do. This can have a tremendous affect on your life. When you don’t have an adequate supply of energy you have a tendency to get behind in a lot of things or run late. It takes you longer to complete normals tasks because the energy you need is just not there. This is where Vitamin B12 can save the day.

Vitamin B12 comes in numerous… Continue reading

Nurturing Your Relationships

Today more than ever it seems as if everyone is part of the rat race. Life is moving fast and everyone seems to have less and less time for one another. Getting with family for dinner is not as common as it use to be. Even the kids are busier today.

photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.netSo how can you keep those family and friend connections close? Remember these simple yet effective tips:

  1. Make an effort to stay connected. It can be through a quick visit to their home or office if you are in the area. Also take time to send a quick email or make a call to them just say hello.
  2. Also take time to forge new relationships with people who share similar interests. This could be a co-worker who you can share lunch with a few times a week. Feeling connected to people outside of work and the chaos of… Continue reading

How to Keep that Healthy Spark in Your Relationship


Relationships are a part of life. We need that companionship. When you find that one person that makes everything seem right, the world is a good place. However, over time, relationships can go through the course of becoming routine. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s in these times that you can see where you may not be as close to the other person as you once were. You m ay not do as much together or take time to talk the way you use to.

We need relationships in our lives. However, these relationships must be healthy and beneficial to our life. Keeping your marriage or dating relationship healthy is essential to the overall life of the relationship. So how do you keep that relationship healthy and thriving? The answer is actually easier then you think. All it takes is some time, dedication and a… Continue reading

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