Childhood Obesity is a Rising Problem

Today more than ever we are seeing more and more children that are overweight. In a time of fast food overload, more choices when it comes to sweets and beverages; we are seeing the scales raise. Today’s children are quickly forgoing the fruit and eating whatever quick option they have in the cabinet. From chips and crackers to sugar-laden cereals and breakfast bars, kids are eating their way to bad health.

Years ago you use to see heavier set kids who came from larger size families or perhaps had health issues. However today you see numerous children without health problems and from seemingly smaller or average sized family genetics yet they are overweight. The combination of treats available as well as the lack of exercise is sending our kids scales on the rise. Communities are taking notice and school systems are offering healthier lunches and more physical fitness activities.

States like Georgia are becoming more aware of this growing problem and created public service videos like the one below to educate the public about this issue. What we teach our kids today will carry over with them into their adulthood. Learn more about childhood obesity here.


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