Healthy Relationships Equal Open Communication


As human beings, we crave companionship. Whether it is with a friend, a family member or a significant other, relationships are important to the overall health of our life. Imagine a world where relationships didn’t exist. What a drab and boring world that would be.

Relationships are a constant work in progress. Like a plant, they need constant nurturing in order to grow and develop properly. One way to feed that relationship is with “open communication”. In relationships you are dealing with different personalities as well as different attitudes and opinions. Without open communication, the relationship can quickly shift in the wrong direction before you know it.

When a relationship goes wrong, it can quickly causes enormous amounts of stress on your body which can cause a lot of mental and physical anguish. Relieve your body and life from this potential stressor by ensuring you have effective lines of communication in the relationships in your life.

How can you keep open and effective lines of communication in your relationships? Try some of these techniques:

  • Remember that there is always two sides to a conversation. You have a sender and a receiver. It is the sender’s responsibility to make sure that their message is being heard and understood. Now this doesn’t mean that you get permission to scream until your point is made. What it means is that as the speaker, you need to make sure that the person listening to you understands what you’re saying. When this happens then there is no room for misunderstandings.
  • If you are the listener, then making sure understand the sender is vital. If something is unclear, ask for clarification. However, as the receiver you must be willing to “hear” what the sender is saying to you. It’s a two-way street so it takes both parties to make it work.
  • Be receptive to hearing even the things you don’t want to hear. You’re not always going to like what you hear but even when this happens, it can be worked through if both parties truly “listen” to one another and are willing to accept that they may not like some of the things they are being told.

Communication is about opening up and telling someone else what you think and how you feel. It is the basis on which any relationship is built and with it a solid foundation can be formed. This can create a path to a healthy relationship which equals a healthier you.

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