Heart Healthy Cooking

Diet and exercise are important to a healthy heart. The word diet doesn’t have to mean cutting out foods that you love. It means choosing healthier alternatives and cooking in a healthier way. This can mean baking and grilling versus frying. It can mean incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

One of the toughest parts for most people is cutting out sodas. Even if they drink diet soda’s they still are not good for you. Whether it’s the sugar content or the artificial sweeteners, sodas are one of the toughest items for many people to eliminate.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has put together a great recipe book full of heart healthy recipes. You can find it by clicking here. This 156 page book is full of valuable information for those who want to cook in a healthier way and it’s free online. You only have one body so be sure to take care of it.

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