New Year – New You

2012 is right around the corner and with that is another opportunity to get yourself in better shape and healthier. You don’t have to go on some drastic diet in order to lose weight. It’s all about smart choices.Use these tips to help you start down the path to healthy living:

  1. Grab fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. In season fruits and vegetables are better for you and a healthier choice.
  2. Drink water or no calorie beverages. Water is naturally the healthier choice and better for you to drink. However, if you must have another beverage choose a no calorie alternative. In doing so you are cutting calories.
  3. Bake or grill often. Fried foods are not a good choice for you. Cutting fried foods can assist in lowering your cholesterol levels. By baking or grilling you are cutting the amount of grease in your diet.
  4. Choose healthy snack options over potato chips and snacks high in fat. Alternatives can include fresh fruit, items like mini Babybel cheese on low-fat Triscuits. or figs topped with Ricotta cheese and honey. Snacking is often the downfall for many so you can find healthier alternatives that still satisfy your sweet tooth.

By simply changing the way you and what you choose to eat, you can begin to get in better shape and will find yourself dropping pounds easily and quickly.

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