Sleep Is Important to Your Bodies Overall Health


Sleep is essential to our overall health. Many people will say that they don’t require hardly any sleep while others say that they require a lot. There is one common factor no matter who you are and that is that “everyone” has to sleep. While some may get more than others and some may function on only a few hours, the thing they have in common is that at some point, they all get some sleep.

Our bodies require sleep in order to function properly. During sleep our bodies rests and refuels itself so that you are ready to get up and go again. Our body produces Melatonin in the pineal gland of our brain. When our mind and eyes begin to register that it is going from daytime to nighttime, Melatonin is released. As we get older, our bodies begin to produce less Melatonin which is why some elderly seem to sleep less.

We require sleep in order to:

  • To Maintain Our Bodies – during sleep we experience cell growth and cell repair. Children require more asleep than adults because they are growing. If you think about it when children are first born and for the first 3 to 4 years, children sleep often. It’s during this time that their bodies are growing at alarming rates. During sleep, growth hormones are being released. This is important in those first developmental years.
  • To Maintain a Strong Immune System – During sleep the immune system the immune system is doing what it needs to do. However, when you lack sleep it can weaken your immune system which is bad news if you’re battling a cold or some other type of infection.

If you have trouble sleeping you can take a Melatonin supplement or try one of the following methods:

  • Try a nice hot bath with some lavender bath salts or simply light some lavender candles. The use of aromatherapy can be calming and very relaxing. Lavender is known for its relaxing qualities. In addition, the heat will relax your muscles.
  • Sip a hot glass of Chamomile tea before bed time. Chamomile is known for its calming ability and will help you unwind and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Turn off the television if you have one in your bedroom. Remember that the bedroom is for sleep. The light as well as the sound from the television is a distraction on your body and you can’t get a restful night’s sleep or even begin to fall asleep peacefully with these distractions.

Our bodies require sleep and no matter if you’re getting an hour of a sleep a night or 8 or more hours a night, the key is to get the amount of sleep that you need to feel rested, alert and ready to start your day off on the right foot.

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