Sleep Is Important to Your Bodies Overall Health


Sleep is essential to our overall health. Many people will say that they don’t require hardly any sleep while others say that they require a lot. There is one common factor no matter who you are and that is that “everyone” has to sleep. While some may get more than others and some may function on only a few hours, the thing they have in common is that at some point, they all get some sleep.

Our bodies require sleep in order to function properly. During sleep our bodies rests and refuels itself so that you are ready to get up and go again. Our body produces Melatonin in the pineal gland of our brain. When our mind and eyes begin to register that it is going from daytime to nighttime, Melatonin is released. As we get older, our bodies begin to produce less Melatonin which is… Continue reading

Can playing videos make you fat? See what reports.

source: van Oostrom

Just had to share from a recent current health article that I found on which said that playing videos can make you fat. Keep in mind that it is not inclusive to all video games, just a few of them that do not encourage movement.

I would love to hear your feedback regarding what the article shares. Do you feel that it is true about playing videos may cause a player to gain weight? Please reply with your feedback below.

According to the author, John Gaudiosi,

The study focused on 22 “healthy, normal weight male adolescents” in Denmark, who completed two 1-hour sessions playing FIFA 11 on Xbox 360 and resting in a sitting position. This was followed by lunch. Researchers found that “a single session of video game play in healthy male adolescents is associated with an increased food intake,… Continue reading

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