Tis the Season to Give

No matter what race, religion or nationality you are, the holidays are  time of gathering for friends and family. It’s about sharing time together and appreciating what you have. Life is what you make it. For many though the holidays are a time of sadness because they don’t have the financial means to celebrate the holidays.

So it’s natural that the holidays can be a time of dread for many. As a community this is where the entire community can come together for the greater good of another. There are several ways to assists families this time of the year:

  • You can donate food to create a basket so that a family can have a holiday meal together.
  • You can donate new toys to families who celebrate the holiday so that the children can have gifts to open on the big day.
  • You can have a clothing drive to donate new or gently used clothing. You’d be amazed at how many children this time of year go without a warm coat in the middle of winter.

There are various ways to come together as a community and help out those who are less fortunate.  Get together and brain storm on some ideas and bring a smile to a family in need this holiday season.

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